Personal Training

In an individual training you benefit from an intensive care, which is adjusted to your personality, daily form, needs, achievement and goals.
In personal training at Athletize I develop for you an effective and creative athletic training that motivates you to continue to exercise discipline and with more ease and to listen attentively to your body.
You determine the place for the training and can alone or in freely selectable small groups up to max. Train 3 people.

In personal training, I put together an individual combination of the following areas:

Mammas Workout
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The ideal training for mothers with little babies! Content of this concept is mainly to get the body (after birth) after birth and to integrate the baby. Both of them enjoy it.

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Gentle training after a physical impairment as a supplement to physiotherapy and a perfect reintegration in your activities of daily living.

Sport Specific Training
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Faster, lighter, stronger, stronger! Which are your requirements? We can train individually or in a team (for example in a sports club).

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Sport with expectant mothers. An optimal preparation for the birth and a faster recovery afterwards.

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You want to move and do not know exactly how? With the athletize analysis tool, we identify your favorite forms of exercise and then train them.

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You have the opportunity to spend a week in intensive and varied training in the beautiful Lucerne and surroundings. You will receive regular individual inputs and instructions.

HIIT® on the go
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30-minute intensive interval training in the workplace or at a location of your choice.

Children and youth training
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The biggest goal here is to expand the movement experience and to achieve a great interest in sports.

Sports with seniors
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Correct and dosed movements in old age are the best way to stay healthy and active.

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My name is Letícia Bohn.
I was born in Brazil and studied sports science at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.
In my work as an athletic trainer, with focus on sports therapy and training theory, I have successfully coached numerous athletes and amateur athletes in several countries.

My experience shows me that sport means much more than just being physically fit.
Adequate sports, healthy nutrition, motivation, physical and mental well-being are networked. As you begin to stimulate your body with new athletic stimuli, you expand your movement horizon and can transcend and redefine your own boundaries.

Almost forgot … I can also offer your personal training in Portuguese, Spanish and English.





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My work mainly includes Lucerne, Horw, Kastanienbaum and Kriens. You decide the place for the training!

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6005 St. Niklausen, Luzern
Tel.: +41 76 41 24 107

Email: info@athletize.ch

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Sports with seniors

Correct and dosed movements in old age are the best way to stay healthy and active.

Children and youth training

To inspire children and adolescents early on for exercise and thus to continuously expand their movement experience. Through this you train the body perception and promote the interest in the

HIT® on the go

30-minute intensive interval training in the workplace or at a location of your choice.